Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Audio Receiver

Having a hard time with your new smartphone that does not have a jack? Xiaomi just came to your rescue by designing a Bluetooth audio receiver. This device does much more than just streaming music and letting you talk on your phone while driving. It can be used to mash up an old stereo instead of buying a new Bluetooth speaker while at the same time maintaining quality in the sound.


Just like all Xiaomi products, a lot of work has been done to ensure that it does not let you down. It comes forth with great sound quality, works on a good range and has an awesome usability that is unsurpassed. This device is just what you need to convert wired earphones to wireless ones that are less bothersome.

bluetooth receiver

Features and specifics

  1. It’s a plug and play device.
  2. Has a professional amplifier chip and one key control.
  3. Has a durable 97mAh battery that lasts up to five hours.
  4. The battery can be charged by a micro USB and only takes a couple of hours to boost up.
  5. Can connect up to two smartphones all at once with it Xiaomi Audio Cable.
  6. Supports Bluetooth 4.2 and works on jacks of 3.5mm.
  7. Comes in a lightweight design.

bluetooth receiver


The device comes with a single button that can be used for powering it off and on or even pausing and playing the audio. Has been designed with LED notification light and a voice alert that work great for the user. It comes with a handy clip that can be used to hold it to your t-shirt.


The Xiaomi Bluetooth receiver works just as well as a wired receiver, and even better. It has the ability to pair with seamless devices easily in the longest of ranges. It also produces great quality sounds for all your best hits without scratches that occur due to connection problems. If you want to do away with your premium wired earphone or headphone you should go for this wireless freedom. It not only gives wireless freedom but makes sure you are provided with quality results at the end.

bluetooth receiver

Final thoughts

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio receiver comes in a sleek and lightweight design that gives it a classy look. Works great for smartphones that lack an audio jack and many more and comes at affordable prices. This is an ideal device to take with you when you go walking, jogging, driving and even at the gym.

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