Xiaomi Sports Car Headset Earphone Bluetooth Audio Receiver – One Key


It’s time to break free from wired audio connectivity! Didn’t you hear that major smartphone manufacturers have removed the headphone jack from your next new phone? You didn’t read the memo that Bluetooth will cut you loose from your wires and give you total freedom to enjoy your music and calls? WERE YOU SLEEPING when Bluetooth conquered audio with smooth and seamless connectivity? Let’s face it audio is better with Bluetooth and the Xiaomi Sports Car Bluetooth receiver is about to rock your world wirelessly!


A great quality, advanced bluetooth receiver like this one will unleash you from wired connections to your devices. Imagine being conveniently hooked up to your audio ready to listen or talk at the push of a button? Any Bluetooth enabled device can be connected to the receiver including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and your vehicle – so now you can talk safely in your car!

bluetooth receiver

Superb Design

Sleek curves, smooth edges, clean fresh white design, this receiver will compliment your existing technology perfectly. The premium look and feel give this receiver the WOW factor as it sits awaiting instruction. It’s also light as a feather weighing it at an incredible 10g. The 3.5mm audio jack is the perfect connector for the majority of wired headphones.

bluetooth receiver

One Key Control, Easy to Use

No more fiddling about in your pockets or fumbling with tiny, clumsy headphone remote controls. You are now the master of your audio with one key control. Head straight for the superbly positioned button and BOOM – you’re connected. With one key, you are in control.

bluetooth receiver

Support Bluetooth V4.2

When you’re going wireless you need a Bluetooth performance you can rely on. This receiver delivers with a massive 10-meter range, reliable stable connection and gets your audio into your ears – FAST.

bluetooth receiver

Superior Acoustics, Crisp Clear Sound

Trading your wires for wireless doesn’t have to mean a loss in sound quality. Designed with crystal clear sound in mind, the Sports Car provides high signal to noise ratio, low distortion signal, good transient response and high audio quality. Beyoncé never sounded so good!


Optimization Design

Now for the science bit. The receiver ensures that your incoming audio signal is strong and higher than the noise floor, helping the elimination of unwanted sound and delivering crisp clean notes.


Built-in Battery, Plug, and Play

This audio receiver will keep you connected for longer. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous playback. If you’ve had a busy day, no need to worry the rapid 2-hour charge via micro USB will have you back in the game in no time.

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