Xiaomi ROIDMI, A Dual USB Car Charger And A Bluetooth Player As Well

As time goes by, Xiaomi manufacturer develops various types of products cover multiple fields. At first, we only heard something about Xiaomi cellphone. On my opinion, this brand of products have quality assurance and feature cost-effective. Recently, it released a new product–Xiaomi ROIDMI. It is a dual USB car charger and also a Bluetooth player as well. Let me share you something detailed next.


It takes a small size design, saving the room when you put it in your car. It shapes like the flashlight, which taking plating process and fine workmanship. On its bottom, there are two USB chargers with 5V 2.1A output, meeting your need in charging two electronic devices at the same time.


In terms of the car media player function, it supports APP link and Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The APP link method just suits for the Android 4.0 and above cellphones. While iPhone should be connected via Bluetooth, using the default frequency 96.4 to play music.


At last, I wanna give you the shopping tips. Before you buying, you have to check whether your car matches this product or not. This product is installed in the car cigarette lighter socket and it only supports shrapnel of a cigarette lighter. Some kinds of vehicles not come with, such as, NISSAN, KIA, Subaru, etc. But this totally refers to the internal structure of the cigarette lighter discretion.

In concluded, Xiaomi ROIDMI is a pretty good two purposes item, car charger and media player function suiting your use and saving place. If you are interested in it, you can make a pre-order from banggood.com.

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