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Xiaomi is an industry leader when it comes to the manufacture of electronics and creation of software. With an industry presence spanning close to eight years, the Chinese-based electronic powerhouse has always kept tech geeks guessing whenever they announce an imminent release of their gadgets. This is because their gadgets have a signature of ingenuity and are always designed with functionality ahead of what’s found in other similar products. One of their recent releases is the Xiaomi car converter and as expected, there are lots of admirable features it comes with as explained below.

Xiaomi Car Converter


Over-load Protection

One of the most notable features of the Xiaomi Car Converter is overload protection. This is indeed one of the greatest concerns when choosing a car converter because depending on the intensity of the overload, you could be dealing with a situation that is not only dangerous to you gadget but to your life.


This product, however, takes these fears away, thanks to its in-built overload protection features that include an input voltage of 12V, an AC output of 220-240V, 0.45A, 50Hz and a USB output of 5V 3.1A with a single port featuring a maximum of 5V 2.4A. All these voltage parameters work towards making the Xiaomi car converter not only over-load safe but also safe with regards to high or low voltage.


Temperature Protection

The temperature conditions inside your car have an effect on the function and the durability of your car converter. During extreme temperatures such as chilly winters or hot summers, you need a converter which can work under these variations without having its functionality impaired in any way. Featuring a working temperature of 0 ~ 40 and a storage temperature of -10 ~ 70, you can trust this gadget to not disappoint regardless of the prevalent temperature conditions.



It is only natural that a device such as this comes with all the features that make it easy to carry. And indeed, this one does, thanks to its meager weight of about 600 grams than enable you to carry it seamlessly in your pocket. Add to its dimensions of 72 x 70 x 125mm and you have one of the sleekest car converters you could ever look for.


Durability In High-quality PC

This car converter is designed in Polycarbonate material and one of the things we associate such materials with is their durability. Though they may look as brittle as glass, they are actually more durable so again, you have a car converter that will withstand minor to medium-scale scratches, falls and damages, giving you value for your money in the long run. Another great benefit of this material is that the car converter will be easier to locate even when driving at night with the lights off. As we know, Polycarbonate has the ability to reflect light fairly well.


Other Features

Other features of this device include the following;

>Working humidity of 20%~90%, enabling you to use it under various humid conditions.

>Input interface of a cigarette lighter so you do not need to introduce any new input points inside your car to be able to use the device.

>Lastly, the manufacturer offers a user manual to assist you in case you experience any challenges installing or using this car converter

Xiaomi Car Converter


The Xiaomi car converter is a must-have gadget for those looking for a car converter that lives up to its claims while still offering you value for your money. From maximum durability to current-protection, there is simply no limit to what this product can offer you.

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