Wireless Car Dongle: What you need to Know

A cardioid is a small portable device in the shape of a USB stick that has compressed information which helps to among others monitor the vehicle’s performance and location.

The device is directly plugged into a head unit which gives an auto plug and plays experience for the driver. This will help you enjoy any information stored in the device from your already compressed infotainment files.

Wireless Car Dongle


  1. With the continued growth of the digital space, the device is very easy to use, just as easy as it is to install.
  2. Given our memory lapse issues as well as hard times, the device also comes in handy with its capability to gather data about your trips, distances covered, amount of gas used, and your performance on the road in case that history is needed at one point.
  3. For those who hire or even give out cars to people, the device also helps you revisit the date of the area your car may have been driven, the unaltered mileage, time taken on the road, or even the amount of fuel consumed.

Here are some of the available wireless car dongle devices;

  • Android Connect Auto dongle

wireless carplay dongle

It is also known as “AAWireless”, the device according to its developer, takes about 10 seconds to boot up itself and about 30-40 seconds in total to connect to your phone and start running on your car’s display.

  • 4GDONG001

wireless carplay dongle

The device is highly compatible with all available Android units in the market. Its specifications include the fact that all passengers on-board get to enjoy its use while on-board.  The device is one of the latest devices that uses a 4G USB Modem and can switch from 4G to 3G and vice versa was given the signal strength.

  • Alpine ILX-F309 HALO9

wireless carplay dongle

The device is one of the best in the market and also has some of the best features available. Weighing 9 pounds, the device is one of the lightest in the market. It can be connected with the use of Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI options.


The device is supposed to provide you the comfort, security, and even easy use of the car, and with the continued technological advancements, it is only safe to say that one has to do a bit of research before settling on any device to ensure they get maximum solution for their needs.


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