Why sj4000 wifi camera is so popular?

sj4000 wifi cameraPresumably many people have a certain understanding of sj4000. Do you know that recently a new upgrade version, sj4000 wifi camera has been launched? Just like the model of sj4000, it was added the function of wifi which is the first wifi camera. Today, it has been hot sale in many famous shopping malls. So do you also want to experience it?

The sj4000 wifi camera is also equipped with a 12 megapixel camera like sj4000. The user can shoot high quality pictures. As it continues the good quality of sj4000, can quickly record your movement, while can also be used as the car DVR when you drive you car. In addition, the waterproof performance is still amazing. You can rest assured that you bring it into the deep sea for diving. Besides, a variety of practical accessories can make you shoot a good video in motion, it is quite convenient when we exercise.

Why just adding a wifi function of sj4000 wifi camera, it is more popular than sj4000? I think many people do not know how it’s easy to use by the wifi function. With this wifi feature, you can remotely control the camera by a mobile phone within 30metes. When you successfully connecting to the wifi of camera, you can preview the picture by phone before taking the picture. Furthermore, you can also transmit the pictures or videos to your phone, easy to watch your masterpiece on the large-screen phone. Especially in a place without others, you want self-timer or take pictures with your friend. By using it, not only can enjoy self-timer, but also shoot the best photo in the absence of help. I think this is the charm of this camera. There is no doubt that it can be so popular!

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