The importance of having a good quality car charger adapter is to prevent damage to your smart device battery and the device itself, ensure fast charging and ensure that your device has a charger when you need it for your activities. The smart devices have been a source of entertainment, breaking news and also direct navigation. With the continued hustle and the use of smart devices to do these activities they easily lose charge thus need to have a good quality usb car charger adapter.


Factors should be considered before purchasing

There are some factors you should consider when buying a good quality usb car charger adapter. First, you should consider the compatibility by checking the design beforehand. A compatible charger charges your device faster. Secondly, you should check the amperage. This is the amount of current used to charge the smart device. The higher the amperage of the charge the powerful is its system. Lastly, you should consider the USB ports for charging phones. The charging cable also should be of good-quality and size. An advanced charger like the 4 port USB car charger, quick charger, 5V car charger and USB jump starter have higher specifications hence charge faster and safely.


Below are specifications of four good quality car charger adapters.

  1. 4 port usb car charger

Blitzwolf 9.4A 48W 4 port usb car charger detects input current of connected devices to maximize charging speed and compatibility. It has a total of four ports with the 9.6A output. It can charge four smart devices at full speed. The good thing about this charger is it also has circuit overheat, overcharging protection and is compatible with Apple and Android devices and european car charger.

usb car charger

  1. quick charger

Blitzwolf Qualcomm certified quick charger– It is four times faster than a conventional charger. It can charge a phone from 0 to 80% in 35 minutes. Compatible models include all USB type c devices like Lumia950, Oneplus2, Zukzi etc.

usb car charger

  1. 5v car charger

Imars 4 in one dual USB new design double 3.1A 5v car charger has PTTC over-current protection. It displays voltage temperature and current. It can charge two devices at the same time. It has an output voltage of 5V and outputs current of 3.1A.

usb car charger

  1. usb jump starter

50800 mAh LED Dual usb jump starter booster portable power bank backup charger has an LED torch, high-quality battery and you can also use it at home. Its advantage is that you can use it with 12V 4L and lower petrol and diesel engines. It provides fast charging and low self-discharge. Finally, it can power car refrigerators and 12V electronic like car cleaners. These kinds of multi-functional smart charger can of great use especially when emergency occurs.


If you follow the criteria you have a higher chance of getting a good quality usb car charger including the four stated above.


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