Why every one of us needs the Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Mask

Xiaomi PM2.5 Air MaskIn a period of fewer than five years, Xiaomi has grown from a start-up to one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the global market. Some analysts have even nicknamed it the “Apple” of the East. Xiaomi makes products that carter for both the high-end and low-end markets and they have major plans to move beyond Asia.

Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Mask

Although Xiaomi was primarily focused on smartphones they now manufacture tablets, laptops, external batteries, TVs, fitness watches, audio accessories and smart devices. One of the smart devices the company recently launched is the Xiaomi-Mijia PM2.5 Air-Mask. This air mask is the perfect solution to deal with the rising levels of air pollution in big cities.

Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Mask

About the Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Mask

This one size fits all air mask is made of flexible material that has a leather-like texture. The three-dimensional design that is used in the mask’s construction is meant to fit comfortably across the jaw and chin. The filter cartridges on the air mask have a particle capture-efficiency which is as high as 98%. It is meant to protect the wearer from pollen, bacteria, and particles that are less than 2.5 microns in diameter.

Xiaomi PM2.5 Air Mask

Features of the mask

  •    Effective protection-The mask is not only comfortable but offers good protection from the haze and other pollutants. It has a KN95 low-resistance filter.
  •    Precision fan module– This ensures that the wearer gets a steady flow of clean air. This also reduces the choking feeling which is caused by prolonged periods of wearing the mask.
  •    It has a two-wind speed key switch-The switch can be used to adjust the wind speeds in the mask. More speed can increase the amount of air that is supplied in the mask making it much easier for you to breath.
  •    The operation of the mask is quiet-The mask operates quietly with noise levels that are below 50dB. This ensures that the wearer can go about their daily routines without any noise distractions.
  •    Very efficient filtration system-The mask can efficiently filter particles that are less than 2.5-microns in diameter. Each filter can effectively be used for a period of not more than 12 hours. However, this will largely depend on the weather conditions that the mask is being used in.
  •    Structural design-The air mask’s removable cotton neck-band coupled with its structural design which is skin-friendly add comfort and stability.
  •    Minimalistic design-The simple black and white design used to create the mask ensures that it does not abate your overall look.
  •    Fast filter change-The magnetic housing used to make the mask allows for fast filter changes.
  •    USB charging-The masks have a strong battery life. On a full charge, the mask can deliver full protection for up to 3 hours.


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