Why DVR GS8000L So Popular?

With the increase for the quantity of car and the more severe road situation, the phenomenon of scratch and collision between cars become common. Most of the time, there is no strong evidence responsibility cannot be identified, accident cannot be processed, if you have a lot of ate a big loss in this aspect, being destroyed cars have to pay to repair, really make people annoyed. DVR GS8000L uses the latest technology to design a high-definition camera, can be used as a common HD video camera, is also a professional hd vehicle traveling data recorder can record file resolution up to 1920 * 1080 p high-definition photography, also can take 130 pictures, use TF card as the storage devices, small size, energy saving, easy to carry, compared with the traditional camera, HD video recording, can record more meticulous and perfect video screen, can also use HDMI video image transmission line transmission directly to do high resolution play high-definition on LCD TV.DVR GS8000L

DVR GS8000L adopts the most popular hd codec format – H. 264 codec hardware core, as the compression speed and the most efficient video coding formats, can easily achieve real-time storage in normal memory card 1080 p hd video, no leakage seconds. At the same time, in order to meet the riders recorded at convenient to watch the demand of the image file, GS8000L instead of the traditional AVI file format, using cross-platform audio format MOV, direct broadcast on multiple devices. In the aspect of night vision, DVR GS8000L equipped with 4 strong infrared night-vision light, too much power to put an end to infrared lamp burn out lens light-sensitive chips. Technology based on its unique infrared lamp collocation, according to the light sensor chip affordability, to coincide with the selected number of infrared lamp and power, to ensure that even in a hot summer night, light-sensitive chips is not due to excessive accumulation of energy cost screen of fault.

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