Where to buy magnet wire

Magnet wire is copper wire which has been coated (or enamelled) with a very thin layer of electrically insulating material – e.g. varnish. This means that it can safely be wound into coils as individual lengths of wire in each coil do not short-circuit one another where they touch. In order to make an electrical contact with magnet wire it is necessary to either scrape or burn off the coating to expose the copper wire inside.

magnetic wire
Where to buy magnetic wire
Magnet wire is available in a huge range of gauges and lengths from a few metres for use in amateur jewellery making to spools of 1000m+ for coil winding. For most renewable energy projects you will certainly be wanting to buy the wire by weight on a spool rather than by the metre.
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The insulation is made from modified Polyurethane with a polyamide overcoat, and protects the coiled wire from short-circuiting.

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