Where to Buy a DC Motor

Have you ever wondered how electric gadgets like elevators, ceiling fan, blenders, mixer among others work? Well, an electric motor is involved. In order to convert electrical power to the mechanical power that runs the functions of that electric gadget, you will need an electric motor. Electric motors that use direct current like a battery are called direct current (DC) motors.

Where to Buy a DC Motor

What is a DC Motor?

A direct current is a current that moves and charges in one direction no matter the amount of the current. A DC motor is a motion component that converts direct current electrical power to mechanical energy in form of rotation. A magnetic field which is produced by inductors inside produces a force that generates movement. There are two main types of DC motors; the separately excited DC, which the field windings are energized by separate DC source and the second type is self-excited DC motors, which the current in the field coils is supplied by the motor itself. The two categories are further classified to many more categories.

Advantages of DC Motors

  • They have a higher starting torque
  • They don’t have the harmonic effect.
  • They offer increased speed control over extensive range.
  • They are ideal for low- cost operation.
  • They offer fast and accurate control over the motors.
  • They have improved speed regulation.

How DC Motor Works

A DC motor has three main components that are, a rotor, a stator and a commutator. They work through a principle of electromagnetism, where as long as the motor receives a steady flow of electric current it will spin continually. A stator is the fixed part- this includes the motor casing – that houses the field windings and receives the supply. A rotor is the rotating part that carries the armature winding. Once two fixed magnets are added in both side of a piece of iron wrapped with a wire that has voltage applied in its terminals, a torque will be produced due to the repulsive and attractive forces. A split-ring commutator and a pair of brushes are responsible for feeding the rotating electromagnet with a current without the wires getting twisted, and changing the direction of the current at the appropriate time. As the electromagnet moves, its polarity changes and the shaft keeps rotating.

Where to Buy DC Motors

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