Where can I buy steel balls?

Steel balls are basically spherical components that are mostly used in rotary motion objects such as tooling, wheels, and bearings as rolling mechanisms. Steel balls are also used as burnishing and grinding media, toys and many more. These balls vary in sizes and gauges as they are used in a variety of applications.

Where can I buy steel balls?

Selecting the right balls for your intended purpose

When buying steel balls, you need to consider your intended application, specifically the function you need the balls to perform. This is because, when being manufactured, there are a number of options that are put into consideration, which is why they vary in sizes and materials.

Steel balls comes in metric and standard sizes, so, you really need to pay attention when choosing the one you need. Standard-sized balls are pretty cheap and are normally available for immediate delivery as they are well packaged.

The material you decide to settle for dictates their physical characteristics such as magnetic properties, hardness and oxidation resistance. Also, they are available on high carbon (1065, 1085), low carbon (1015, 1018), chrome (52100) as well as stainless steel (302, 304, 316, 420 and 440). This is to say that the intended purpose of the balls will out-rightly determine the material choice.

How they are made

Rough ball designs are gotten from bar stock material. Then, they are roughly machined or grinded softly so as to remove the flashing. The third step is where, based on their technical specifications, they are heat treated in a controlled process. Fourthly, other that stainless steel balls, or the other steel balls are hardened through process such as quenching, heat treatment, etc.

The fifth step is a controlled polishing/sanding process, which gives the balls their intended dimensions, design, grade and spherical accuracy. The last step is packaging.

Steel balls are mostly applied in automotive, bearings, paint, casters, military, rollers, pharmaceuticals, sliders, toys, sport equipment.

Where to buy

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