watch gps tracker: a great device helps you protect the persons you love

watch gps trackerLeaving old people or children alone can be very dangerous, since old people or children may not know how to take care of themselves. They may get lost, hurt themselves in accidents, or hurt by some bad people. However, we can’t spend all of our time with them. Therefore, you need a watch gps tracker.

This watch comes with built-in GPS module and it supports SIM cards. You can get the position information from SMS or internet positioning service center. Supporting single and remote positioning and continues tracking, it can help you get real-time tracking. The nice thing is, this watch gps tracker won’t disturb the tracked person during monitoring, unlike other GPS watch may speak out loudly or something. With this watch, you can be informed of the real-time position of tracked people. If they get lost or are in danger, you can get to help them in time.

watch gps trackerWhat’s more, this watch supports one-way or two-way audio. the tracked person can dial your number to let you know their position and tell what happen to them. At the same time, you can tell them what to do. With built-in microphone, you can hear them clearly. And there are two fast calling buttons for them to reach you as soon as they can. If they can’t reach you, there is a sos button for them. They can press it and send out sos, and send the accurate position to the emergency center.

There is another amazing feature of this watch, it allows you to set the certain range area, if the tracked person walk across that area, the watch will give alarms. The GSM/GPRS modem supports quad frequency bands, including 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. With high sensitivity, new workmanship and the most advanced GPS chip, this gadget can work effectively in limited space such as urban canyon. You can see the speed, coordinate and altitude on the screen, which is suitable for hiking lovers. And it also provides you with stopwatch, alarm clock, track recording landmark recording functions.

watch gps trackerIf you don’t want the people you love get lost or get hurt, you should buy this watch gps tracker for them. At the same time, with this watch, you can worry less about them.

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