W01 Car HUD Kit, small size but bringing you safety in traffic

We all known that once we drive the car, especially the freshman, we are easy trendy to ignore the highest driving speed, and this is dangerous. Today, I would like to introduce you one helpful tool – W01 Car HUD Kit, which with the speed warning system and offers you easy read mode that brings you traffic safety.
W01 Car HUD Kit
It has mini shape, with 88.50 x 54.50 x 11.50 mm size and 140g light weight. For its HUD, head up display feature, it has unique polarized lens design that you can see more natural light. Besides, with the accurate large-screen digital display, it is easy for you to read. And then, automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, traffic is not dazzling.
W01 Car HUD Kit review
Talking about the outstanding feature of W01 Car HUD Kit, it automatically adapts to the model, in line with OBD II Plug and Play models. It is a multifunction tool, which can measure vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature, and fuel consumption (to support the air flow meter models) . Moreover, speed single-stage and fourth paragraphs of alarm modes, it is more conducive to traffic safety. What’ s more, shift to remind function that is conducive to save time shift and achieve the purpose of special significance for the novices.
W01 Car HUD kit
In concluded, W01 Car HUD Kit is a pretty good tool that ensures your driving safety, especially for the novices. HUD feature and automatically OBD 2 system provide you more benefits in your driving trip.

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