Use SJ4000 sport camera to record your skydiving

SJ4000 camera for skydivingRemember your first parachute jump? On altitude of several kilometers, the aircraft door opened, and the coach issued a take-off on your order. Then your mind is blank, you do not know what will happen after you jump down. Skydiving is a critical experience, the feeling is indescribable, but the excitement of skydiving will continue for several weeks after jumping. This experience is worth timely recording with SJ4000 sport camera, which could relive the stimulating feeling on the screen that skydiving brought to you.

I still remember that time, opened the door, the kind of pleasure is unprecedented, adrenaline surged at the moment, felt the thrill of flying in a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour. The wind kept blowing brush my face. Just a few minutes, I felt more stimulated than playing a roller coaster or pirate ship. Overlooking the earth, you would think everything is so small and the earth is so broad. In addition, if you wear a hat with SJ4000 sport camera, you can record SJ4000the whole process of your parachute, eternally record the excited moments with the camera.

Skydiving in Australia has been entertaining and civilians and tandem jump is very popular in the local. If you are a beginner, want to experience the feeling of skydiving. The parachuting instructor will help you in throughout, so you do not have to worry about and you can enjoy the skydiving. Byron Bay is a great place skydiving, boundless expanse of blue sea below your feet. You can gaze the famous lighthouse and the magnificent, the scenery is very charming. I suggest you use your camera to record a bit of beautiful scenery on the plane, forming a complete record. Then this parachute will be more comprehensive. Besides, do not worry that you are loading in the sea. SJ4000 sport camera has good water resistance with its waterproof case, so you can also take some of the scenes recorded at sea.

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