Use Honda Hand Grips, Motorcycling In Winter , Refused To Cold Hands

Honda hand grip is set of motorcycle electric heat press of the hand, it using the power of the motorcycle for the electric hand to generate a certain amount of heat, to a certain extent, solve the case of motoring under low temperature environment, special cold hands.

Honda hand gripDriving motorcycle is different from driving a car, the driver’s hands exposed without any shade , slightly lower temperatures, the driver’s hands will feel cold. Especially in the winter, near the motorcycle driving, the driver hands fingertips by cold, pain to numb, and frostbite. Even with very thick gloves, longer distance also of no help, sometimes produce driving unsafe factors. Honda hand grips according to the winter driving motorcycle finger feel sensitive phenomenon, set the heat part of the grips to where fingers when driving motorcycle, and set up an efficient thermal insulation layer under the heating layer. These hand grips not only small power consumption, heat faster, and also alternating current (ac) and direct current (dc) can use the original motorcycle, vehicle energy saving, do not use the original motorcycle battery power, temperature can be adjusted between 10-80 degrees. In cold climates can be solved effectively when driving motorcycle hand cold phenomenon, and greatly improve the comfort and safety when driving a motorcycle as well. Honda hand grips made by special material, special process, have good elasticity, soft hard moderate, can be heat fast, high efficiency. The Clear and delicate appearance, concave and convex and comfortable feel.

Motoring in winter, even more thick gloves, still can’t stop the bitter wind, the slender fingers still can’t keep slightly heat. Cold hands will affect people’s response sensitivity, easy to cause traffic accidents, and easy to frostbite. Using honda hand grips, refuse to cold hands for motorcycling in winter, and motorcycling safety.

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