Two Important Car Tools That Are A Must Have

Did you know that it was Mary Anderson (1866-1953) who invented the windshield wiper in 1903? Now you know. If you are a lover of “Girls Just Want to Have Sums” series then in Season 17 Episode 19 you are probably aware of that. The Invention of Mary Anderson is also mentioned in the popular cartoon The Simpsons during a discussion about gender equality between Marge Simpson, Homer (Husband) and son (Bart). Interestingly, the windshield wiper was considered a distraction initially, and at present see how we have got used to it and how it is really important.


The windshield wiper is definitely one of those tools that you cannot do without, and it is among a countless number of tools and parts that cars have. Consequently, here are two more car tools that would be great for your car.

Car Digital Thermometer

  1. Car Digital Thermometer

We all recognize the importance of a clock in helping us keep time and that is just among the functions performed by modern clocks because of modern technology. Meaning, modern clocks have multifunction and one of them is weather monitoring, like this product. The Car Digital Thermometer is equipped with sensors and therefore able to tell you and forecast the temperature and conditions existing and expected in your environment.


Features of the Car Digital Thermometer

  • Indoor temperature/humidity
  • LED Night Backlight is activated by sound
  • Energy-saving clock. The clock’sbacklight only lights when you need and it is activated by a sound. The interval is only 5 seconds
  • LED backlight display by means of weather forecasting
  • Modern contemporary design of the clock making it suitable for use around the home and office and in your bedroom.
  • Calendar with a range of 2000-2099.Time displayed in 12/24-hour (Hours and minutes)
  • Alarm/Snooze
  • Testing time of temperature/humidity is for every60s
  • Temperature and humidity showing range are -10ºC~ +61ºC and 20%-99% respectively

HiFi Stereo Car Amplifier

          2. HiFi Stereo Car Amplifier

I am not sure if there is anyone out there who has a car or a motorbike that does not have a radio or other stereo system attached to it. If you do have a car/motorbike with a radio or other stereo system, then with the addition of this hi-fi amplifier you will be able to get a great sound when you are on the move. The HiFi Stereo Car Amplifier is also great for your home entertainment system/home theatre.


Features of the HiFi Stereo Car Amplifier

  • MP3, MP4, iPod, and CD player input jack
  • 20W maximum power output
  • Low distortion, great sound
  • Can be used in your home or on your vehicle
  • Smart and small size aluminum casing
  • Control functions of the volume, treble and bass output


In conclusion, having looked at the various features that these two car tools have to offer, I would definitely recommend them to be used by any car or home owner. And of course, they are relatively cheaper compared to other products available in the market. If you have used the products or any other that function the same as the two, please be sure to share with us your experiences through our comment section.

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