Things to know about a Car Cigarette Lighter

You shouldn’t let your car look dull without all the great features it should have. It’s not something new that most cars come with this age-old technology. The components of your car make it an interesting place of comfort while being in motion. This particular component has been in existence and over the years has been modified to improve customer satisfaction. So don’t be out of trend and sit without this technology I’m about to reveal.

Car Cigarette Lighter

A Car Cigarette Lighter is not just for cigarette smokers but this handy device comes with a dual purpose. Every car owner or passenger knows the value of having this thingamajig in their automobiles. Asides lighting your cigarettes, you can use it to power your devices and never let your battery go so low. It’s an ideal must-have for every car.


But heres why you should get one. The principle behind a working car cigarette lighter is very fascinating and not so complex to understand. Basically, it is a cylindrical socket with a removable knob-ended lighter and has a heating element within. It is usually positioned below your stereo or radio players and a few meters away from the gear of your car so that you can easily reach it. Maybe you just got a new car and have no idea what this component might be useful.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Its use is highly required. First of all, to use this component, an adapter is required that could be used to connect your phone, GPS devices or mp3 players. But before plugging that in, remove the cap or the burner unit which has the smoke icon, then you can plug the adapter. This needs the power to start up, so you have to turn on your engine. You can then turn on the accessory and use as needed. Switching off the car and removing the keys from ignition would automatically turn off the accessory. And that’s it. You’re ready to use one. This now boils down to choosing a suitable one for your car. There are many kinds of lighter sockets (what the accessory is plugged to). Some have more than one port. This component is very cheap and affordable. Both the lighter socket and the adapter can go for a price not more than ten dollars. It comes with an electric current of up to 12 volts flowing into it.


Automobiles like a motorbike also have this feature. It is very convenient and a perfect utility for travel use. You definitely won’t get bored on the road. If your car or motorbike doesn’t have one, you could purchase it. You might like to have the ones with dual sockets or even four sockets. This can be used for many purposes especially when you’re with your gang of friends. Getting a good quality adapter would also aid your user experience to be a superb one. An extension cable has a maximum output power of 180 Watts which is safe and convenient. Having these utilities make your rides a whole lot smoother.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Knowing the importance of having a car cigarette lighter goes merely beyond its usage, it’s a convenient component to keep you abreast with the evolution of technology. Many users have no doubts about the relevance of this tool.

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