The Xiaomi Rearview Mirror: Secure Your Driving Experience

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, America loses more than 210 lives every year due to back-over car accidents. Additionally, the agency records more than 15, 000 annually because of back-over car crashes. In an effort to foreclose these worrying incidences, most federal governments require that all cars must be fitted with back up rearview mirrors that notify the driver about a person or object behind while reversing.

Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror

Importance of Driving Safety

Driving safely reduces the occurrence of accidents which protects your life, other drivers’ as well as pedestrians’ lives. Besides, most insurance agencies give incentives to drivers for safe driving. These incentives could help you sort out your bills during difficult times. One can also enjoy discounted premiums and make significant savings. When your car is involved in an accident, it wears out quickly forcing you to spend most of your quality time in the garage. By driving safely, you can channel this time to other productive things like focusing on your business.

Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror

Why Install the Xiaomi Rearview Mirror?

One of the best ways to ensure safe driving is by installing a Xiaomi Rearview Mirror, which combines innovation and technology to give you a safer and secure driving experience. With its contemporary design, this 8.8-inch rearview mirror prides itself with a high resolution that allows you clear visibility and a balanced transmittance. The Xiaomi Car rearview Mirror weighs only 393g, yet it records high-quality videos (1080p) for future references when the need arises. It also runs on Android Operating System with an amazing speed of 1.5GHZ that is much faster than most smartphones I the market.

Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror

This Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror has a voice interaction feature that controls most of its functions. If you don’t want the voice notes, you can still override them and focus on the road. Isn’t it amazing that the Xiaomi Rearview Mirror can address your queries about destinations you are unsure of? The Car Rearview Mirror is designed with a map that can help you plan your route and navigate easily. Remember, it also has an ADAS system that ensured your safety while on the road. For instance, the system warns you when you are about to change to a wrong lane and potential forward collisions. The ADAS system will also alert you when a preceding car is starting. You do not have to worry about riding in a heavy traffic or parallel parking because the Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror has got your back.

Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror


There is no better way to drive safely other than installing the Xiaomi Smart Rearview Mirror on your vehicle. If you are bored in a traffic jam, you can select from the diverse entertainment shows, audio books, and songs on this device.

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