The Things Of GPS Navigation That You Didn’t Know

Car GSM GPRS Tracker TK101 with Charger and USB CableGPS Navigation built in GPS antenna will receive from 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth at least three of the transfer of data information, combined with stored within the vehicle-mounted navigation electronic maps, coordinates determined by the GPS satellite signal and the match, to determine the car accurate position in the electronic map, this is the usual location function. On the basis of the positioning, can pass the multi-function display, provide the best route, the road ahead, as well as the nearest gas station, restaurant, hotel and other information. If GPS signal interruption, unfortunately you lost because of this, don’t worry, GPS has recorded your route, you can also according to the original road to return.
GPS Navigation also has a great function is to guard against theft, divided into two kinds of static security and dynamic tracking. The former refers to leave the car, parked cars confronted with theft, destruction, mobile, through its own monitoring system to the GPS vehicle monitoring center alarm, and automatically contact owner phone, phone alarm, etc. The latter can be carried out on the exercise of the stolen vehicle location tracking, vehicle condition monitoring, wheel path records, and even control vehicle power, oil, etc.
Now generally in high-grade car equipped with GPS Navigation, with the continuous development of the technology and the continuous improvement of the services, more and more people will enjoy it brings convenient. So, if you know that how to choose a good one, it will be more benefic for you.
First, the hardware is the foundation, the software is the soul, software engines and map data is the key of the GPS Navigation can take you to the destination. In addition, the chip quality is directly related to the stand or fall of quick and accurate calculation of the path. Going to the same destination, the chip may appear different routes, but what we need is the best route. Finally, look at all sorts of fancy additional functions, should emphasize particularly on the practicability of additional functions.

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