The Next Best Car Radio

Do you find yourself constantly having to fix your old radio in your vehicle? If so, there is a new car radio that could help you out. It is an amazing radio for the price and probably one of the best deals around. It can do many things your regular radio can’t. Some of these include playing movies, running  Android, and so much more. It is called the RM CL7181 Car DVD Player.

 Car DVD Player

This car DVD player is equipped with a great looking 7-inch touch screen. The screens resolution is an outstanding 1024 by 600 pixel, which allows you to easily decline or accept calls, change music, and so much more. It also has a built-in navigation system for easy traveling. The navigation system also shows where traffic is stopped so you can avoid a messy traffic jam. Operating on Android 6.0, it has built-in Bluetooth and hands-free talk so you won’t crash trying to answer a phone. It has its own built-in wifi so you can use the internet while parked or allow people to use it while you’re driving. You can also play movies on it for people to enjoy while you’re driving or parked. You also purchase a backup camera that can display on the screen so you can easily back out of a tight spot. It also has 2 GB built-in storage for apps and more. You can also insert an SD card for more storage if needed. It has a seven-color led backlight, which allows you to choose what best fits you.

 Car DVD Player

The installation is just like most other radios, and it can be a little difficult. The first thing you’ll want to do is to put in your SD card. To do this,  you’ll take off the front piece and insert it there. Then, you need to take out your old radio to prepare for the new one. The new radio should fit the plugs just like the old one did and make it easy to install. After it is in, you can then go and find apps and set up button mapping for steering wheel controls, if your vehicle has them. Once it is done,  everything is set up and ready to use. You can also view many videos on YouTube for more detailed and step by step instructions.

 Car DVD Player

The RM CL7181 Car DVD Player is a very inexpensive item for all the features you end up getting. It will be a great replacement for any old and worn out radio because it comes with so much more functions than an older one. This car DVD player would be especially good for a family with small children to keep them occupied while driving. You are sure to enjoy this new radio’s many features.

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