The Interpretation Of Function For G2W

G2W is a new generation car DVR, along with the unique functions, it also has some other outstanding functions. Now, let us take a look at the details.

G2W G2W uses a full 1080 p high-definition camera, with full hd quality, give you high quality experience, play 1200 pixels super-wide hd night vision camera, h. 264 format video recording, both to ensure the best video, save a space again. HD high-definition video can present a clear and fine quality of here, even at high speed can clearly record the state of driving. G2W uses the ultra wide Angle lens, the vehicles ahead around the corner all records. It broke through 170 degrees of super wide Angle, compared with the traditional DVR, wider field of vision, can capture on both sides of the car in front of the picture, no dead Angle, does not leak.

Besides, the new G2W using clear and fine quality to capture every moment more efficient compression chip can not provide 100% seconds of seamless video, let each uninterrupted video, not afraid of the accident happened instantaneously video missing problem. It has stable performance, regardless of whether they are 50 degrees below zero in winter or hot temperature inside the car, G2W uses the traditional lithium-ion batteries, the new European standard polymer battery, can be used in all kinds of bad environment.

G2W equipped with a 3.0 -inch super sharp high definition screen specifications, superior color reproduction ability, easy field important video playback, big and clear all can have it all, reduce dispute occurs. In addition, it also specially designed bracket of rotate 360 degrees, can be arbitrary adjust the Angle and the installation location, say goodbye to paste type installation and standing type, etc Host images can also be adjusted for different habits of consumer choice.

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