The four reasons that I chose to use Car DVR Camera 6 IR

Car DVR Camera 6 IRNowadays, there are different types of CAR DVR. I chose this Car DVR Camera 6 IR, as it is convenient for my driving. But how to find the suitable product for us in assortment of merchandise? I think this is a very troublesome problem to many car owners, but if you find a suitable, definitely makes you happy. Now I will tell you four reasons.

The first reason, the screen of Car DVR Camera 6 IR supports 270 degrees rotation, operating more and more convenient. Do not worry the viewing of angle. Whether we set the DVR horizontally or vertically, can normally watch the record. Do not flip the device, when you flip the screen, the video will be synchronized reverse at the same time. It is very convenient, intuitive, compact and portable, an integrated design. It does not take up space inside the car and hinders our sight. The second reason, 6 LED infrared lights make the shooting clearer in the night. Even in the poor light conditions or at night, the infrared light will automatically turn on, and the picture is clearly by shoot. Besides, you can also also choose to turn off infrared light.

The third reason, as the 2.4-inch LCD screen, we can be easy to playback the video in the real-time. This camera supports HD decoding. When a traffic accident occurs, you can use the function of playback, reducing the site of the accident. The fourth reason, it has the feature of automatic segmentation override. Do not worry about the storage will be full. We can set the time of saving in the segments. Such as 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and so on. When the SD card is full, it overwrites the oldest video, automatic loop the recording. So I did not worry about my 32GB memory card will be full. All in all, these four reasons are convincing, I was drawn to it at least.

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