The Features That a Quality Car Battery Tester Must Come With

One of the most common reasons why a vehicle fails is a car battery. Without the battery, the car is just as dead as plastic, a lump of metal or rubber. Thankfully, a tester can help you know whether the battery has a problem and how serious the problem is. If you lack a good quality tester you’ll never know the condition of your battery and how much charge it can retain. But how can you choose a good battery tester? When you are looking for the perfect battery tester make sure you consider these features.

Battery Tester

What to consider

Here are some of the features to look for in a good tester


Not all batteries are manufactured equally. There are batteries of different amp ratings and sizes. These amperage ratings basically range from 400 cold cranking amps to over 1200 cold cranking amps. It’s, therefore, very important to know whether your car battery is compatible with the kind of charger that you want to buy. Before making the final purchase decision you need to look at what you’ve got and the manufacture’s specs.

Clear scale

You also need to ensure that the tester that you pick has a clearly printed scale with a good lens that will allow you to read the meter accurately. Any perceived deflection of where the meter is can lead to a poor assessment of the condition of the battery.

Battery Tester

Data output that you require

While a digital tester will provide you with clear results every time, an analog tester may not be as accurate. With a digital tester, you will know the exact reading without estimating or even guessing. As compared to analog, they are also easy to read.

Rugged construction

You don’t want a tester that will fall part the first time it’s misused or dropped right? You, therefore, need to choose one with rugged construction, heavy-duty test leads and a well-insulated handle. For added durability and accuracy, the load resistor should be made of carbon.

Battery Tester

Electrolyte condition

One thing that most car owners overlook is when they test their batteries is the specific density, gravity or the condition of the electrolyte. In order to carry out this test, you need a battery acid tester or hydrometer. With this tool, you can draw some fluid into the tester and observe where the indicator is. Thankfully, these can be bought quite cheaply at any local store.

Safety features

If not treated well, a battery can be very dangerous. While testing a battery is not that harmful, it’s still very important to be cautious. It’s, therefore important to consider the following safety features on a tester

Battery Tester

  • Rubber grips.
  • Over-voltage protection.
  • Shock resistant clamps.
  • Reverse polarity indicator.


In order to ensure that you are buying a good tester that’s going to maintain a high level of accuracy, you need to look for recommendations. Although you might pay a little more if you buy from these guys, you are going to get one of the best battery testers in the market.


Accurate and proper testing of your car battery is very important. While all testers have their pros and cons, it’s important to weigh down on this and choose the best overall. Thankfully, we’ve outlined some features and specifications to look for when looking for a battery tester.


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