The Evaluation Of DVR C800

DVR C800 is an outstanding car DVR.It might be that you though car DVR is inconspicuous, but do you know? Most of time, car DVR is merely be the record of in the silent quiet you will forget it, but once accident occurs, its true meaning will be show.

DVR C800 has a mini body, is similar with a screen on the market the most thin the mini a vehicle traveling data recorder. Using the shell with black gives priority to tone, simple and beautiful. It was the vehicle in front of the situation, so the installation where the front windshield not restricting the view. DVR C800 uses a fixed way sucker, sucker more firmly fixed, shooting video frame is more stable and clear, install and remove are very convenient. The camera fixed on the front windshield, plug the power cord in the car cigarette lighter power supply.

Configured with a 5.0 mp camera, 6 glass lens with hd night vision function, abandon the traditional plastic lens, lens 1.6 large aperture, the imaging effect is good. Support 140 degree wide-angle large azimuth, compared with the general vehicle traveling data recorder, DVR C800 has a more Wide Viewing Angles and bigger scope of video footage, truly to reach the no dead angle in shooting. It also has a video recording, when the memory card is full automatic to cover the old information, video loop. In addition, it also has a mutation G – video Sensor gravity sensing technology, in an emergency or important events of the moment, lock automatically save video, can ensure that important images will not be covered.DVR C800

In generally, the car DVR with display screen is really helpful in driving, especially had an accident or is stopped by the police can use the vehicle traveling data recorder straightforward analysis accident process, saves a lot of time. The stable shooting effect of DVR C800 can make drivers feel comfortable and at ease.

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