The Development Of Car Electronics Industry

Car ElectronicsCar Electronics is the general terms for car body automotive electronic control devices and on-board electronic control unit. Car body automotive electronic control device, including engine control system, chassis control systems and body body electronics (ECU) electronic control system. Car body automotive electronic control device is like the human body wearing nothing. On-board electronic control unit, including information systems, car navigation systems and car entertainment system. On-board automobile electronic control unit is like the human’s clothing and accessories. As the automobile electronic technology, its classification in the developing direction of the integration, intelligent, networked, modular.
Auto electronization is regarded as a revolution in the process of the development of modern automobile technology. The degree of auto electronization could be described as measure the important symbol of the levels of modern car, is used to develop new models, improve performance of the most important technical measures. Car Electronics represents the core technology of the cars of the future. With the rapid development of auto industry, the demand of these products in domestic and international market also becoming more and more high. Now people driving a car, believe that will be immediately found the car has increased a lot, such as fuel consumption display, ABS, ASR, EBA, ESP, air bags, side curtain, inside temperature and humidity control, CD/DVD players, GPS navigator, electric Windows, electric review mirror, electric chair memory regulation, LED lights, adaptive cruise, and many other previously only used on military, aviation, and the price is now only civilian consumer level of electronic products. At present, the proportion of Car Electronics products in the whole vehicle cost is 23% ~ 30% generally, on high-end luxury sedan is 50% ~ 60%. In the future, the development of the car will be more driven by automotive electronics technology, may people the feeling of driving a car just like in the operation of a complex electronic equipment.

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