The Attraction Of DVR G2W

There are various of car DVR in the current market, every car owner has his favor one. However, compare with other ordinary car DVR, it seems that DVR G2W had more popular with car owners. Its unique attraction is the reason.

DVR G2W uses six layers of glass lens, especially with large aperture, low illumination cameras, provide super into light, making high-definition megapixel camera let you more clear, Gao Gan degree of intelligent infrared light, with the surrounding brightness, automatic open close function of fill light. Understand photography are clear, the smaller aperture, into the smaller quantity of light, the larger the aperture, the more into the light, of the better the results, especially is the best effect. But on the market of the recorder are aperture at around 2.4, in the evening little into the light, so the resolution is poor. DVR G2W uses the F1.6 large aperture, ensure the night vision effect is the first in the industry. In the field of vision, G2W breaks through 170 degrees ultra wide Angle, compared with the traditional DVR, it has a wide field of vision, can capture on both sides of the car in front of the screen, left and right sides of the blind Angle, does not leak. Adopts Full HD quality, Full 1080 p HD video, high-definition image quality experience for you, 12 million pixels super-wide HD night vision camera, h. 264 format video recording, both to ensure the best video, save a space again. DVR G2W carries the latest third generation G – Sensor gravity sensing system, when the vehicle collision, collision force to set series, can start the recorder system, automatically lock video will not be covered.DVR G2W

Along with the above characteristics, DVR G2W also has one key lock function, in emergencies you can one key to lock important videos, eliminate all heavy and complicated operation, make sure you are at a crucial moment is simple, easy to save important information.

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