Testing If Your Car Cigarette Lighter is Working

It can be quite inconvenient if your phone battery is running low. You can’t light your cigarette, or your cam can’t charge, which could mean there is a possible blown fuse, or there is the presence of objects inside the socket that is stopping the lighter from functioning. Whether you are using the outdated car cigarette lighter or an accessory socket, it is an easy process to test and fix any kind of problem that arises with any of them.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Ways to test your car cigarette lighter

Check for objects inside the lighter

Dirt, pieces of paper or coins can stick easily inside, which can cause a short in the fuse. If you have a flashlight around, you can use it to check and see if there’s anything. Be cautious while removing it. If it’s dirt or small pieces of paper, blow it out with canned air. In case it’s a coin, you could use a pair of tweezers to remove it from the socket. While doing this, make sure you do not touch the insides of the circuit.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Check the lighter’s fuse

If there are no objects in the socket, then you need to test the power. You will need a circuit tester for this. Attach your test light’s clip end to the external frame of the socket. If it can’t clip on, you can continue holding on it. Take the long sharp pointed end of the tester and push it into the socket until it completely touches the back. Don’t touch the sides of the socket with the probe since it will burn out the fuse. If the tester’s light turns on, the lighter does have power. Ensure to do this while the ignition’s position is on since most cars automatically switch on and off the accessory plugs. If no light, the problem is the fuse and hence needs replacement. Otherwise, the problem is the socket itself or the plug to your accessory. If the accessories are functioning properly, then it means there’s a short in the circuit somewhere. In this case, you can find the wire to the socket to check if it’s disconnected. If you can’t trace the wire or if it looks fastened, then you’ll have to take the car to a mechanic for more inspection.

Car Cigarette Lighter

Replacing the fuse

Having a faulty fuse is a usual thing, and this is mainly because of its old age or by plugging of an accessory that uses excess power. It’s easy to replace the fuse since there’s a manual that can guide you to where the fuse panel is situated, and this will then show you where the fuse for the power socket is. When you replace it,  make sure that the fuse you intend to use has the same amperes as the previous.

Car Cigarette Lighter

A malfunctioning cigarette lighter is not a big deal, but it is better to learn a few maintenance tips instead of using much money in the service centre. For more cigarette lighters, please check here.


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