T20 LED Brake Tail Stop Light bulb–safety and beauty of your car

T20 LED bulbThere is a wide range of led car lights and LED is particularly stands for light emitting diode. These lights are the best sources of enlightenment. The use of lights inside and outside the care is very important. Therefore, you can install led car lights inside and outside your car in order to make it a safe vehicle. These lights also play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your car. Led car lights are manufactured by the latest technology in order to fulfill the advanced requirements of car owners. These lights are best for illuminating the interior and exterior of your car.

Led car lights have several benefits for the four-wheelers. The most fantastic thing about these lights is that these are much more durable than the ordinary bulb lights. You are not required to get worried about the price of led car lights because these are easily affordable by every car owner. These lights are much brighter than the traditional bulb lights. There are many important features that make led car lights different from ordinary lights. The process of getting these cars is not very complex because you can get them from any car ornament store. You can also buy several other car decoration accessories but led car lights are not only for decoration but they also play an important role in the safety.

One main benefit of using led car lights is that they consumer very low energy and also provide the brighter light. By installing these lights in the exterior of your car, you will get a perfect vision to avoid all kinds of mishaps. On the other hand, installing led car lights inside your car create a fantastic atmosphere in the interior of your car. However, there are some important things that should be considered while installing led car lights inside and outside your car. The direction of these lights outside the car should be accurate to provide maximum visibility. Similarly, they should be installed very efficiently inside your car. The procedure of installing these lights is not very difficult and you can install led car lights inside and outside your car without seeking for someone’s help. You will also get a user guide that will provide you complete assistance about installing these lights. However, if you think that getting the help of an auto electrician is necessary then you can hire a skilled electrician for installing these lights in the best way.

Here is a T20 LED bulb for you. They are brand new pure RED 7443 5050 SMD 27 LED bulbs, which are stylish and brighten your vehicle. The super bright 5050 LED chip is 8 times brighter than original incandescent bulbs, with low temperature and low power consumption. The installation is very easy with long service life up to 50000 hours. And this T20 LED bulb is only for 3.99 dollars.

T20 LED bulbLED Car Bulb Spec:

Voltage: 12V
LED Color: Pure Red
Socket Type: T20 7443
Power: 2.4W
LED Type: 5050 27 SMD in total.
Head Diameter: 20mm
Height: 52mm
Lumen: 300lm
Weight: 10g
Cross reference: T20 7443 7444NA 7441 992A 7505(For Reference Only)
Application: Stop Tail Brake Light, Parking Light, Reverse / Backup Light, DRL light, Turn Signal Light ,Side Marker Light, ect. Common use for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, Trailer, etc.

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