Some Car Equipment Suggest for You

With the increasing consumption of Chinese auto supplies, the car cushion has become the main consumer goods of the car owner. It’s vital to choose a suitable and useful armrest cushion.

The mainly functions are as following:

1 The comfort is important. Driver is a special career that it’s easy to fatigue after long driving. It’s very important to possess a comfortable car cushion.

2 To protect the leather seats. A lot of cars are equipped with the leather seats, so the protective effect of the cushion is also very critical.

3 To protect your health. It can not only promote blood circulation, but also help you eliminate tension and fatigue to achieve health goals.

Here I suggest some other car equipment for you:

When we go outside the whole day, the battery can’t not sustain the whole day. And the portable car charger is absolutely necessary for us.

1. charging for mobile phones and laptops, starting cars and LED light
(torch, strobe lights and SOS lights).
2. Special blink blue-red light for attention others when emergency parking.
3. Can be used at home and car conveniently.
4. Multi-functional emergency kit that contains a car power bank.
5. Starting a vehicle approximately 30-50 times after fully charged.
6. This jump starter can start Gasoline car below 5.0L/Diesel car below 2.0L.
7. For the first time to use, please fully discharge the battery and then charge it
for 12 hours so as to activate the battery.

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