Smallest GPS Tracking Device Is Your Trip Guarder

Smallest GPS Tracking Device is the collection of GPS satellite positioning technology and GSM digital mobile communication technology and automobile anti-theft technology in the integration of high-tech anti-theft products, is the one way alarm, two-way alarm after a new generation of automobile anti-theft products. It uses mobile communication network, completely solve the general alarm cannot solve the problem of the distance limit and easy to crack. In addition to the ordinary alarm function, but also has mobile phone, SMS positioning control, remote monitoring, remote alarm, the voice prompt operation, etc. No matter when and where, as long as you can by telephone to monitor your car, let it get the best protection.

The general orientation of car tracker including SMS, timing, location, network inquiry, remote monitoring and remote lock the car, and other functions. Expect to these, Smallest GPS Tracking Device also can be your guarder in your trip. It has the function for fatigue driving alarm, after setting fatigue driving time, GPS automatic alarm. For double super bus drivers, to identify whether the driver shifts by pictures. When the driver lose, it is the show time for artificial navigation, monitoring center attendant use of electronic map platform, or by telephone speech certain navigation aid for the drivers.Smallest GPS Tracking Device

Smallest GPS Tracking Device needs a CDMA card, GPS signals antenna and CDMA antenna is connected, connected to the power of the car, can work, if you need to break the oil electricity function, can also power cut-off line connected to the host, can realize the two functions. It can listen to the voice of the car, an emergency can control the operation of vehicles. Its peripherals emergency button for help function, to nationwide positioning, real-time online tracking, can be used in cars, leasing companies, fleet management.


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