The Smallest GPS Tracking Device Save Unnecessary Trouble In Anti-Thief

When we walk in the street, we will see the vehicle owners had figure out many different, even strange methods to protect their vehicle from rampant thieves. Every time meet these phenomenon, there is will appear a question, is it must be such too trouble to anti thief? If we are install the smallest GPS tracking device for our vehicles, then will be easier to reach the same result, even more.

This is the most simple dedicated GPS vehicle location real-time online tracking terminals, or eat only volume and size, do not need to open the car line, just need to plug in the car battery plus or minus two wires, can realize the direction of the car, the speed of the car, the vehicle real-time tracking the route and keep the vehicle for three months. It can be the vehicle automatic real-time positioning, that is to say, you turn off the computer, the system will automatically save the data. The smallest GPS tracking device is based on GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, through the short message or contact each other the remote target location or monitor. Has the function of mileage statistics, the ACC measure, power outage alarm function, compatible with the original car alarms, After the car alarm alarm equipment and alarm, through text messages notify the owner. the smallest GPS tracking device

It adopts the most advanced GPS global positioning system (GPS), satellite stations dual-mode positioning, satellite positioning precision can be up to 10 meters. When abnormal vehicle vibration, the smallest GPS tracking device will use short message platform to remind the owner, open vibration alarm. It can automatically enters the alarm, set up after the first will be permanent, no need to repeat the settings. Built-in 350 ma, lithium-ion batteries in the mains power failure can still last 2 ~ 3 hours.

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