Smallest GPS Tracker Is The Smallest GPS Position Terminal In The World

Smallest GPS Tracker is a global smallest of GPS positioning terminal, with a small and thin body, easy to install, it is a blend of GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning technology, with the ACC power detection, remote anti-theft functions, such as terminal built-in accelerometer can realize vibration alarm, intelligent province electricity and static drift suppression function.Smallest GPS Tracker

It has built-in GPS module and mobile terminal communication module, GPS module is used to obtain the positioning of the data through mobile communication module (GSM/GPRS network) to a server on the Internet, which can realize the query on the computer terminal location.Smallest GPS Tracker needs to insert a GSM or CDMA card, GPS antenna and antenna, the signal is connected to the power of the car, can work, if you need to break the oil electricity function, can also be the host of the oil off the installation method of tracking power line connected to, can achieve these two functions. But GPS is unable to locate in indoor, however, you may have a experience, is to navigate to the home, can not located, because indoor not receive GPS signals, Metal and building of the GPS signal shielding, so in general, cannot put the locator on the car, so not receive GPS signals, but the back-draft radar that part at the back of the car bumper is plastic, don’t block the GPS signal, so in the face shield to track the car for the better.

In addition, the built in acceleration sensor of Smallest GPS Tracker can realize vibration alarm, intelligent province electricity and static drift suppression function. Installation is simple to use and access to electricity work, specially designed for car power and external power supply box can make the terminals are suitable for all kinds of models, so as to provide all-weather vehicles real-time positioning function, collocation global positioning service platform, can realize remote vehicle management.

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