SJ5000 WiFi 14MP Action Sports Camera Digital Waterproof Car DVR review

SJ5000 camera plusWhen you are buying a camcorder there are many different types to consider. One of those types is an extreme sports camcorder. These camcorders are made to be durable and take beautiful video to capture the fast pace of extreme sports. Extreme sports vary from biking, to skiing, and from scuba diving, to surfing, so the camera needs to be very shock proof and water proof. If you need an extreme sports camera, you should consider the SJ5000 camera.

SJ5000 camera has some very remarkable characteristics, the most mentioned becoming the 30 meter ultimate waterproof case. Using this waterproof case with the waterproof rate of IP68, you can take pictures 30 meters under the sea surface, while you are doing exciting surfing. Besides, using super the third generation chip, this camera can take  clearer photos and support 1080P high speed dynamic shooting. There is no need for you to worry about the fluency of the videos. All you do is to enjoy the amazing process!
SJ5000 camera plusThe sport camera also has some other outstanding functions such as the wifi remote control. You can use wifi to make it start to work. Thus, you can place it anywhere you want. The limit is less. And supporting real-time video transmission and data transmission, you can share the fun with your friends in time. And in case you are in danger, you friends will know and help you out of danger. And SJ5000 camera features a 170°wide angle lens, which exceeds the visual angle of human beings and captures more beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

It is compatible with both android and apple systems. Using apps on your phones, then you can easily control it with your phones. Its 1150mah battery is pretty good. Plus, SJ5000 camera is power efficient, so the using time can be very long. In a word, for the price, it is a quite trusted rugged tiny sport digital camera.

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