SJ4000 Satisfied Your Shooting Anywhere And Anytime

SJ4000 is a kind of high-end high definition sport DVR. It is set advance digital recording, photograph, voice, video display and remove battery functions in one, can be use in driving, outdoor sports, home security, shooting underwater and so on, it can satisfied your shooting anywhere and anytime.

SJ4000 adopted 1.2 mp high definition wide angle lens, you can shoot for wide range without any blind, to record what you want clearly, the 170 degree lens with good low light performance, even in the dark environment, also can get the images with good quality, you can shoot freely at random. The HDMI output function ket you can share your wonderful experience on TV or computer. This DVR support highest 32 GB storage and various of record formats. It is worth to be mention that expect to the basic functions, SJ4000 also an excellent sport DVR, it has the waterproof function, match the waterproof case, make this function more powerful, even underwater deep to 30 meter, it also can be use convenience and flexible. No matter surfing, diving or any other water sports, it definitely can be your best partner.

In addition, because SJ4000 has an ultra light weight and super mini fashion appearance, it is also suitable for outdoor sports like extreme sport. Just need to place it on your helmet or bicycle, then it will record the whole process without any leak for you. With a 1.5 inch LCD display screen, to convenience you to play at anytime you want.SJ4000

For better use SJ4000, you should use the battery correctly. The lithium battery will start to appear advise reaction if the charging voltage is higher than 4.2 V, so the voltage need to be control with 3.7 V, use the specific charger for only, then can relatively prolong the battery life.

In the foreign countries, many people like to go out together for travel or sport, of course they will take SJ4000 with them. No matter, on the land or in the water, even fly in the sky, you absolutely can use it to record for all the time, to remember every moment in the life.

Do like diving? Do you want to keep the wonderful sea world memory forever? Are you an extreme sporter? Do you want to record the real and exciting moment? Then take SJ4000 with you while you going to do these, it will realize your dream.

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