SJ1000 camera recorded my diving trip last week

SJ1000 cameraLast week, I took my SJ1000 camera to travel. In the heat of summer, going to the beach is really a right choice. On the island, the market is very prosperous, people coming and going. I took the camera and shot these unforgettable memories for commemorating this trip. Especially the video of scuba diving also still saved on my computer. When I replayed this video, I feel the beauty of the sea again.

After buying the SJ1000 camera, I had token many excellent pictures of the scene on the land and it did well on recording, but I have not testing the waterproof of it. Of course, on the island, I had more chances to test it. It made me surprising that it has a good performance on water resistance when I wear it to swim this time. Suddenly, I have an audacious idea. How about taking it to the deep sea for a diving trip?

The next day, I went to a diving company near the beach with my SJ1000 camera. After the careful guidance of the coach. I was allowed to dive into the deep sea accompanied by the coach. Our boat stopped at the offshore area and I put my camera set in the arm. Then I dived into the seabed along with coach. Fortunately, in this sunny day, the undersea corals and fishes can be clearly identified. So I think this high pixel waterproof camera should capture a lot of things in the sea floor just like my eyes. To my surprise, the underwater world is really amazing. The fishes are free to wander in the water. There are varieties of colorful corals and reef on the seabed. Generally speaking, when I replayed the video which is shot by sj1000, it let me recall the latent period of time I dived into the sea.

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