S30 Camcorder is a cost-effective outdoor sports camera

S30 CamcorderS30 Camcorder is a recently hot sale camera. Not only can replace the battery, but also compatible with the attachment of GOPRO HERO 3. So far, it is the most powerful, cost-effective outdoor sport camera. This product is the demand of the market which consumers want a high-definition sport camera. Besides, this camera has industry-leading technology of video recording. With a lot of functions, such as photographing, sounds recording, car DVR, outdoor sports recording, home security and water proof. These functions can let you take photos at any time and anywhere.

S30 Camcorder has a waterproof case, allowing you to enjoy the exciting sport of water and taking pictures. Even more, this waterproof case can let you dive into the depth of the sea about 30 meters. With ultra-high-definition screen, can replay the wonderful video you recorded before. You can also record video while charging by mobile power. When you finish recording, switch to the playback mode, using the up or down keys to select the video you wanted to play. You can also replay the video on your mobile phone through wifi. How to turn on the function of wifi? It is so easy. When the camera is booting, press the power button to turn on wifi while the indicator lights  of wifi will be lighted. So you can connect to the wifi after entering the password. By opening the APP of S30W, you can use your tablet or phone for previewing the picture or remotely controlling the camera.

In addition, S30 Camcorder has a 12 mega pixels wide-angle lens. The picture you have shot is clear, has a high quality. Its battery is removable, even if the battery is damaged, can be easy to replace it. Furthermore, you can replay video on the LCD monitor or HD TV with the function of HDMI output. It can also play a role of webcam. If your webcam is relatively poor on shooting, you can use it for replacing. What is more, it supports up to 32GB of storage space, are completely enough for us to record videos for a long time. In summary, it really is a high-end sports camera.

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