The role of motorcycle air filters

motorcycle air filterThe role of an motorcycle air filter is very important to keep the engine free from dust. You must ensure a very good quality of air filter is fitted in your engine. Most of the air filters in motorcycle are of three types including oiled fabric, oiled foam and dry paper. Fabric filters are made up of a surgical fabric within a metal mesh. They are very efficient in improving airflow. In case of oil-foamed filters, the real filter is the oil and the foam supports the oil. Dirt bikes normally have oiled foam filters. Most of the street motorcycles make use of a paper filter. However, engine’s life span increases to a great extent due to the air filter Cotton gauze motorcycle air filter is not just reusable and washable. They are designed to last as long as the engine’s life.
Motorcycle air filters are very effective in allowing proper air-flow and the superior performance of the engine of your motorcycle. For the long life of your motorcycle engine, air filter plays a major contributor. They provide superior airflow without any obstruction and maintain the filtration level. For riding on dusty and rough roads a motorcycle air filter is like a friend to the engine of your motorcycle. They provide clean carburetor even on high altitudes.
The objective of a motorcycle air filter is to protect the engine from grime and enhance motorcycle air filterairflow. It also enables better acceleration and raises the horsepower of the motorcycle. Most of the motorcycles are fitted with an air filter irrespective of the model or make. Whenever you ride the bike the engine has air passing through all the time. This air is not clean and it causes your engine to gather dirt. This dirt will harm your engine’s performance and it will reduce the power and speed of your bike. Moreover,your motorcycle engine will not break down too often if a good air filter is fitted.

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