Review:Quelima SQ12 mini camera

Mini cameras can be used in countless ways, and thanks to development of new imaging technologies, precise sensors and great image quality, they work great as a car DVRs, home security devices or child monitors. New Quelima SQ12 is a small camera that costs just $13.99, and records movies at 1920 x 1080 px and a wide 155 degree angle. Small but powerful!



Quality video capture
The Quelima SQ12 allows you to capture high-quality 1080p videos and show off to your friends! The Mini Action camera can be mounted to any small applications such as Mini Drones and Full-size racing drones to capture and review your footage at excellent quality and minimal blur thanks to their mobile sensing technology. Take this camera out in any weather and record, Quelima has also added night vision to this camera which allows the user to be confident and flexible when they wish to record.
Control and assembly
Since there is no touchscreen like in larger sports cameras, you can’t directly browse recordings. Instead, SQ12 supports the so-called loop recording, which means that it saves videos continuously and overwrites old files when the space is running out. Data is stored on a TF card up to 32GB, and movies can be transferred to other devices via a MicroUSB cable. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi, so you can’t transfer files wirelessly.
Battery Life
The 200 mAh battery has working time of about 60 hours and can be charged in 2 hours.

Very small in size
Clip and holder allows for multiple mounting points
Best use as hidden or in-car dash camera
Unintuitive function controls
No audio confirmation beeps
Subpar image quality

You can mount this mini recorder in your car, at home, or even use it as an action camera or for taking pictures outdoors. The icing on the cake is that it is very affordable and available at

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