Review of SJ4000 and SJ4000 WiFi Camera

SJ4000 wifi cameraMaybe you have heard of Gopro action sports cameras, which is a well-known brand in the sports camera industry. However, it is not the only one which can give you the amazing experience of taking videos or picture while you enjoy the fun of action sports. Plus, i think, the price of it can scare many low budgetors away. If you want to get a sports camera with good price and strong features without paying a lot to get a Gopro, i think SJ4000 is the best choice for you.

First of all, it has a 12-megapixel HD lens covering 170°, which can give you high-quality images and videos. You can easily tell the differences between it and other sports cameras when you take videos or pics with it at night. The images SJ4000 provides are super sharp and clear. Plus the 170°, you can enjoy more views while filming. When the power of camera is low, you can charge it while you still can doing video recording, so that you won’t miss any precious moment. If you don’t want to share the videos with others, you can encrypt the videos to protect your privacy. You will feel the good intentions of designers when you take videos. With HD digital motion video recording, you can take fluent and sharp videos which you will be surprised at with such a low price.

SJ4000 wifi cameraTo let you fully enjoy the fun of filming, SJ4000 offers you the HD screen that displays and replays fascinating videos recorded. This feature is really suitable for athletes. Because they can record how they do some certain actions then they can replay the videos to correct and improve the actions. In addition, this powerful camera has a variety of industry-leading features including continues shooting and auto shooting  with different time lapses for you to choose. You can record the funny and interesting drinking water process of your dogs, or the instant moment your children jump up when they are playing on the trampoline happily, by continues shooting. It must be very interesting and amazing.

If you want to explore the world under the sea, this camera will be a good helper for you. Coming with waterproof case, it totally can work in the water. You can use it to record all the secrets in the sea world. You can also film fascinating water sports, such as surfing. You can take really cool selfies while you are surfing and share them in the social network sites. I think, if you are a guy, many girls will be interested in you. There are enough image quality options for you to get the ideal shooting. The battery is detachable and replaceable, which is more convenient and prolongs the service life of SJ4000. The camera is mini and diversified colors are available. What’s more, it comes with multiple adaptors to satisfy your different needs. For this price and such strong features, you can’t beat SJ4000.
SJ4000 wifi camera   SJ4000 wifi camera
Consider everyday gadgets like your computer, mobile phone, tablet, television, radio and maybe even your car’s computer system, and there’s a good chance that the majority of them utilise Wi-Fi in one way or another. We’re a connected world, capable of consuming and sharing data with a global audience at the press of button, so no surprise then that action cameras – devices ultimately designed for producing sharable content – are some of the latest gadgets to adopt Wi-Fi connectivity. The SJ4000 wifi camera has all the features SJ4000 has and plus a wifi function. It allows you to connect your smartphones, tablets with it, then you can control it with your phones or tablets and get the pictures and videos as soon as the camera takes them, and share them with your friends or family. Wifi function can bring you lots of convenience since you can achieve remote control. You can place the cameras in some certain place and leave it there, then you can lie on your sofa and control the camera with your phones. This feature makes SJ4000 wifi a monitor. Since we rely more and more on the networld, so SJ4000 wifi  camera maybe a better choice for you.

SJ4000 wifi camera   SJ4000 wifi camera

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