Reliable Car Cigarette Lighter For Premium Random Smokers

In the recent past, smoking in a car was an awkward and boring habit by smokers. Many feared the danger resulting from lighting fire in presence of dangerous fuels such as petrol and diesel. It is also illegal to smoke the cigarette in public transport cars making smoker
take long before satisfying their conditions. As new technology emerged things got better when car user was provided with car cigarette lighters. This is easy to use and solve previous problems encountering cigarette smokers.

car cigarette lighter

Car cigarette lighter is an electric power triggered gadget used to light cigarette. It works by plugging it to the electric power provided by the car battery and mechanisms leading to the production of enough heat from thermo elements fitted for purpose of turning electric energy to heat energy to light the cigarette.

Its package Includes one cigarette lighter plug and the lighter itself. It is widely manufactured and supplied in global demography.

Car cigarette lighter takes features such as

  • It is made of the heat-resisting plastic material
  • They usually use 12-24 V power supply
  • Have an Interior diameter of 2.1cm
  • The external diameter of 3.6cm and a total size: 5.5cm
  • Has a cord length of 60cm and its total weigh 60 grams.
  • It is usually black.

Benefits and advantages of a car cigarette lightercar cigarette lightercar cigarette lighter

*They are easy to reach hence avoiding fumbling around pinches to locate a lighter which is dangerous especially for drivers. This ensures the road safety by enforcing total concentration on the steering wheel.

* It provides a source of power for satnavs, phone chargers, MP3 players and other kinds of luxurious devices.

* The power capacity of the socket is reasonably high making it ideal for high power gadgets installation in your car.

* They are readily available. You can satisfy your smoking desire any you wish not like match-boxes and gas using lighter which are easily displaceable.

* It is a durable cigarette lighter. From its made, it is able to resist heat which would distort it. Once bought durability is granted.

* They are universal and cheap. Many can afford them as their price are friendly that is around US$2.99 and available in the local supplies.

Car cigarette lighter socket is the worthy installation in all cars ranging from small to big ones. It is a multi-purpose higher power supplier as compared with USB slots. This makes it more suitable to run high power consuming gadgets. From the increased usage of car cigarette lighter, many fire accidents have been avoided. Make your smoking session comfortable with a quality and all time available lighter by installing the socket and owing one. Nevertheless, keep your eye on your states’ legacy about cigarette smoking to enjoy more and more.

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