Recommendations on the use of Motorcycle Phone Holder

Nowadays, a lot of people like to install a phone holder on his bicycle or motorcycle, so they can easily answer the phone or go cycling in the field along with navigation. But the Motorcycle phone holder is uneven, with improper operation, they make their phone damaged, so they have not experience the convenience of phone holder give them. I give to two tips for you, one is the selection of product feature, and the other is the installation tutorial of the product.
Motorcycle Phone HolderThe selection of Motorcycle phone holder: in the first, the function of holder must be support for mobile sliding, smooth touch, waterproof and shockproof as well as other useful feature, for each driver, they are very distressed that their phones, hoping to get a good cell phone protection, experience the convenience of the bracket to bring them at the same time. But the effect of bracket is not ideal, lots of users dropped down their mobile phone form motorcycle in the using, broke his cell phone.So you should choose the right product to prevent from dropping.
Installation tutorial: we must learn to install your Motorcycle Phone Holder, you can set the sandwiched of bracket in the front of motorcycle. The tubular metal is the best location, and wrapped aseismatic sponge on top, carefully tight the twist of the bottom of the holder. Otherwise, the holder will support poor and sagging due to gravity, and then, conduct a trial of mobile phone sets, mobile phone sets in a protective sleeve, push the base of the mobile phone to fasten the holder, when you heard the sound before splitting be installed. The last, adjust the angle as suitable as you like, that is the whole installation process, by reading this recommendations i think you can go for a drive with a cell phone!

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