The Reasons For Choosing GS 9000 1080P Car DVR

GS9000 1080P Car DVRIn current market, there are numerous car DVRs with various of brand and functions, but how to choose a appropriate car DVR for self? Now, let us know something about GS9000 1080P car DVR.

There are some points to choose a car DVR.

Frist, to distinguish high definition. It has the high definition HDML or not is the only standard to distinguish whether it is HD hardware. The interpolation of HD without HDMI port. With 625 MB/S network data transmission, no need to compressed audio signal transmission amount of hd video signal. HDMI technology not only provide clear effect, and greatly simplifies the home theater system installation program. GS9000 1080P car DVR is a real HD, actually, many old kinds of ordinary HD products are not the HD even they were upgrade by some software. Second, it is recognized that no night vision is not driving. But how to tell whether the real night vision? In a dark room, if the night lamp was opened, the product still display in complete darkness, this shows that it has no night vision function. Third, GS 9000 adopt the top Ambarella scheme, its chip is the best in current. With super image quality, built-in 256 MB. What’s more, about the G-sensor. Built-in triaxial acceleration sensor, Record and store the target object in the wave figure. When the speed reaches 6G (1G=9.8m/S2), can automatically record and storage before and after the collision, for provide evidence to accident. The H.264 AVOUT video 60 frames per second, high definition without missing seconds. The G-sensor and H.264 AVOUT let the record time longer.

In addition, GS9000 1080P car DVR also have many other charming advantages. Seriously to choose a suitable car DVR for your self, let your driving road unimpeded.

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