Racing Knee Guard – lucky Star for Cold Legs

Racing Knee GuardWinter has come. If you live in a place where the temperature is very low, you should get something to protect your body. If not, you body will easily get hurt. Especially for motorcycle drivers, who have to drive in strong wind or even heavy rain, the warming equipment are very important for them. Here is a Racing Knee Guard for you if you want to get something to protect your legs.

This knee guard is not that kind of knee guard for warriors. For me, they look like a pair of warm pants.( actually, it reminds me of the warm pants that my mom often wears.) there two layers: one is the leather layer and the other is the fur layer. Covered by PU leather, these knee guards are water-resistant and durable. To be another attractive point, there are two lines of fluorescence bars on each guard to make you more noticeable at night to increase the security index.
Racing Knee Guard

The second layer is the fur, which is very soft and warm. For people whose skin is easy to be affected by the climate, these guards with furs are really suitable for them. I am sad to say, i am one of this people. Every time the winter comes, i tickle all over and my legs will be like the legs of nanny. So i have to wear some warm pants to protect my legs. If you meet the same problem as me, this Racing Knee Guard will be your lucky star.

You can fix these guards on your legs with the velcros on them. And you can adjust it by yourself to make yourself feel most comfortable with them. The size of these Racing Knee Guard is around 31cm*60cm*26cm. You should pay attention to this, otherwise you will waste your money on it.

Racing Knee Guard

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