Protect yourself and your cars with Car Reverse Camera

While we are driving, it is almost impossible for us to know what happen in the back without any help. That’s the reason why there are so many rear-end collisions. Getting into accidents can be very troublesome, let alone dangerous. If you want to protect yourselves and your cars, you had better get a Car Reverse Camera.
Car Reverse CameraA Car Reverse Camera can really do you great favors when you park or drive. When you drive, you can know what happen in the back. If other cars get too close to you, you will know it at once, and then drive away to avoid accidents. When you park, you can have clear idea of the distance between your car and other cars, so that you won’t hit them by accident. This Car Reverse Camera is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry that it might not work in the rainy days. This feature is very important and useful, because rainy days are the time when accidents are most likely to happen due to low visibility and smooth and wet ground.

This camera supports 170-degree wide viewing angle. Thus, you can almost see all you need to see. At least the area it covers is quite enough for safe parking and driving. But there is still the downside of this camera, the resolution. I have to say the image it gives is not that clear, but the such resolution can satisfy the basic requirements. If you are a demanding people, i would not recommend this camera to you.
Car Reverse CameraThe installation is mostly about wire connecting and fixing, which is not very difficult, but i won’t say it’s easy, because you may have to drill some holes on the car shell, take out some parts of your car and then put them back, actually quite a big project for me. Anyway, you need to finish such project for almost everything Car Reverse Camera within such price range. So i can understand.

You can connect it with your in-car DVD player, LCD screens, GPS, or rear view mirror. I connect it with my LCD screen and it worked straight out. If you find it difficult to fit your car back, you can use the mount holder or universal bracket. This Car Reverse Camera is applicable to car, truck, RV, mini van and etc. And FYI, the price is only 13.99 dollars! I think the beginners should not miss it.

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