Popular Motorcycle Modifications for Increased Performance

Did you know that motorcyclists are 30 times more prone to life-threatening accidents than any other motorist? This statistic alone could cause motorcyclists to shun the bike altogether. Luckily there are certain modifications that you can make to your motorcycle to make any trip safer, more convenient and enjoyable.


The motorcycle body frames, motorcycle tank decals, and air filters are among the most modified components of the unit. You can make some DIY decorations and modifications with cheap materials. However, it is best to leave the job to a professional. The following are types of motorcycle modifications.

motorcycle body frames

Performance Modifications

Do you want to increase your bike’s mileage and horsepower without changing engines? Simply modify or replace the filter and exhaust to achieve both functionalities. Have an air filter that allows higher flow. This lets in more air, prompting carburetors to heighten gasoline injection for increased power.


If you own a racer motorcycle, for example, consider modifying the muffler for a more robust sound when cruising past at top speed. People may just cheer you to victory based on the muffled sound of your motorcycle. This modification could just be as important as others that increase the power of your engine.

motorcycle tank decals

Aesthetic Modifications

Aesthetic modifications can be defined as those that increase the visual element of your motorbike. While they may not be as important as performance modifications, they are equally popular among bike enthusiasts. Simply put, they make the motorcycle attractive to the eye.


Parts such as mirrors, handlebars, caps of gas tanks and fenders can all be decorated to arrive at a more appealing image, for examples, the motorcycle tank decals. More importantly, you will increase the value of the unit. Should you decide to sell it in the future, it will fetch you a handsome amount of money.


Personal Modifications

A motorcycle enhances your individuality and personality. However, you do not want your two-wheeler to look just like the other one next door. For this reason, invest in personal modifications for parts such as seats. Let a professional install personalized tastes such as the logo of your company or the image of your favorite NFL star.


Depending on where you live and play, you may modify the suspension of your motorcycle for better shock absorption. This increases your comfort and safety, especially when riding on off-road terrains. Adjust your lights, decals, trunk, and seat for better functionality.



With many adjustment options at your disposal, you do not have a reason to put up with the unpleasant look, feel and performance of your motorcycle. Invest in motorcycle modification today and watch your riding peers turn green with envy.

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