Pick up the expandable water hose to wash your car

Expandable Garden Car Water HoseFor some car lover, to keep the car clean is essential that they work, so as to let his car do to maintain a good appearance, but also delay the time to scrap older car. At a certain time, pick up your expandable water hose to give a bath for the car, just like washing your pet or take a bath for your child, bring you a cool feeling.
Has entered a period of high temperature in summer, drove to a muddy place, through a small puddle, splashes some water will make the car dirty. Seeing the car is dirty, you’re not a little distressed, wanted to restore it glamorous, then do not hesitate, set your expandable water hose on tap, give the car to a shower, washing the car can also be used as a family activities, with the hot weather outdoors, while washing and splashing with family, foam brush piles playing with each other, that is an interesting thing. Besides, such pipes can also be used for watering gardening, pet bathing, cleaning buildings, etc., very versatile!
Expandable Garden Car Water Hose 1In the winter of southern hemisphere, also appropriate to wash the car, dry winter winds, dust will be raised for a while, so your car is dirty, not because of the cold weather put yourself in the house that you abandon car, it needs your care, even if the weather is so cold, you have to pick up the expandable water hose to wash it. The water pipes with nozzles which can provide a variety of shotting water ways, full, center, shower, flat, jet, cone and other water ways can be adjusted for different parts of the demand, which has a magic hose, it wiil stretch when there is water coming, oppositely, it will shrink without water, is more conducive to store and use. Wash your car, it will be more eye-catching than the dusty cars in the winter.

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