Pair 72W 8000LM COB Headlight Bulb

Every car needs the best lighting entity that will give it the efficiency requirements. You need something that will always give you easy traveling at night hours! It’s possible to have all this variety of bulbs for your car but it’s actually not a guarantee to have the perfect! That’s why you need to consider what this getting this stunning entity from Bangood! The COB LED Headlight bulb is the choice you really need to make! Its amazing white color and many other amazing features make it top rates.

Pair 72W 8000LM COB LED Car Headlights(1)

This Headlight bulb has amazing features. It has fog lamps bulbs, varying types from H7, H11, and H4 etc. Its voltage is 92V-32V direct current. Gives a LED light. It also has a high bulb kit which can also be adjusted to low power. Can generate a high power beam of 8000lm 6500k all at also offers a 72 watt set with a beam angle of 360 degrees. Its operating temperature can adjust from cane adjust from 40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius
Pair 72W 8000LM COB LED Car Headlights(3)
Advantages and usage

The headlight bulbs with a 360 degree light feature make it easy to gap reflection and hence maximized the utility of light. With a LED integrated design, it’s always easy and time-saving to install it. The headlight bulbs have a special cooling design and that’s why its life is always enhanced by because its light is always regulated. The custom dedicated imported cob makes it easy to get a light source with a copper substrate package which highly enhances the light efficiency to 130LM/w. we also get a chance to save energy due to this design which has a 36 watts and amazing lumens. It’s always easy to install and provides you with the brightest light ever! It’s a dedicated drive power lamp that the t guarantees effective brightness and can give you a long service power supply. You will also enjoy the after sale services guarantee that goes long

Headlight bulbs from Banggood are the best choices you really need to choose. If quality, efficiency and time saving is your taste then you really need not hesitate from choosing this amazing entity. 72 WATT 8000lm COB led headlights is the best choice that will always be the highest rated. Be among the happy clients enjoying the brightness and efficiency of this amazing entity from Banggood!

Make a choice now and get this amazing headlight bulb at the most pocket-friendly prices at Banggood.
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