One Wheel Motorcycles – a cool tool for riding instead of walking

You know, there are a great deal of different transportation in your daily life today, such as bus, car, motorcycle, plane, ship and so on. But now, I would like to introduce you one interesting cool travel tool – One Wheel Motorcycles. It looks nice and convenient and comfortable in use for its mini size and ergonomic design. Then, let me tell you some detailed information about it.

I think you will be loved in it at your first sight, and you will receive attention when you ride it outside. Just as you see, its color is black yellow, very nice appearance it owns. The lighting area is the LED headlight, offering you convenient use at night or bad weather daytime. Besides, compared with the common 10 inch small wheel, it has the 17-inch bigger wheel that brings you more secure instead of low movement inertia and easy to overturn. Except for that, ergonomic seat provides you comfortable riding.

One Wheel Motorcycles

What’ s more, One Wheel Motorcycles equipped with lithium battery that environmental friendly material and gives you long time use as well. You should charge it only 90 minutes and it can last 35km, which is similar to the distance of one person one week commuting.

One Wheel Motorcycles

In concluded, One Wheel Motorcycles did a good job in producing such a riding tool. With it, you can easier through the heavy traffic and go to work or go home. And it also makes you catch eyes in your riding. No matter to say it takes high quality of  Japanese Smart Chips, USA Gyroscope and Taiwan KENDA Vacuum Tire. It will be your best choice in various riding tools.

One Wheel Motorcycles

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