Offroad Led Work Light, Super Bright Light for Wide Range Use

Today, I wanna introduce you one kind of useful and practical item used off road vehicles. In order to drive in various conditions roads, especially at nights, we sometimes need to install a LED light on our vehicles. If you need one, I suggest you to choose Offroad Led Work Light. It features with super bright light and durable use, especially suiting for using as off road light. Let me share you something detailed next.

offroad led work light

It was designed into a square shape with 9 big LED, which has a lighting lumens of 2,500. Bigger size with 4.21-inch * 4.21-inch than the normal one that it has wider lighting area after spreading its lights. Most important, it was made by high quality materials. It was composed by die-cast aluminum housing, alu firm bracket and PC lens. Adjustable trunnion mounting bracket meets your need in any angles lighting, which is pretty suitable for car lights installation.

offroad led work light

Upon its advantages, the prominent aspect is that it is able to emit 6,000K pure white color temperature, even can be used in lighting garden. However, you have no need in worrying about it will waste energy, for it is energy-efficient and low power consumption. Moreover, it has an ability of IP67 waterproof level, allowing you to use it outdoor. Also, it features high performance of tight water-proof, dust-proof, and quake-proof.

offroad led work light

At last, I wanna give you a tip. I know that most people like to DIY by themselves and its feature of suitable design for heating elimination providing you this possibility. But if you are not very specialized on installing it, you have better to ask the qualified person to help you, unless you would damage it or could not exert its maximum effect.

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